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Artus™ – hybrid low energy fan coil unit

finalists in the Ecobuild and Marks & Spencer (M&S) ‘Big Innovation Pitch’ Arup and Airedale Artus Low Energy Fan Coil Unit

A smarter, smaller approach to air conditioning

After reflecting on years of designing air conditioning, we knew there had to be a better way.

In partnership with Arup, Artus™ was born - A hybrid low energy fan coil that combines the flexibility of a fan coil unit with the low energy consumption of a chilled beam. Addressing current ceiling based AC challenges; it saves energy, saves money and saves space.

Marks & Spencer (M&S) Big Innovation – Winner!

Artus™ is already being recognised for its innovation and efficiency, having been selected as a winner in the Ecobuild and M&S ‘Big Innovation Pitch’. The winner was decided at Ecobuild 2017, 7-9 March at ExCel London.

Only Artus™ has all these benefits...


Costs less to run
Better for the environment
Complete Control
Fast istallation
Hassle free maintenance

At a depth of 200mm, including ceiling build up. Artus™ is ideal for new build and retrofit application

The simple, elegant design of Artus™ will suit the ambiance of any environment

Perfect, even cooling
Air flows from the tips of the fan blades in a swirl pattern, providing complete coverage, eliminating draughts

Costs less to run
Artus™ uses just 1/3 of the fan energy of a typical fan coil unit (0.08 watts / litre / second) 

Better for the environment
Less energy used, lower CO₂ emissions

Complete control
Fully integrated, ‘plug-and-play’ setup requires no configuration

Fast, simple installation
Artus™ requires no secondary ductwork and is a fully-packaged, speeding up installation and commissioning

Hassle-free maintenance
With easy “self-access” from below, Artus™requires no access panels for maintenance, all serviceable components can be reached from below

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Artus™ a change is coming – launching September 2017

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