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Data Centre Cooling

Cooling systems for data centres

As global demand for data exchange grows, so too does the size and load placed on data centres, placing unprecedented constraints on space and power available to the operator.

Data centres are dedicated facilities which support business critical IT servers. Tightly packed server racks are generating exponentially more computer power and most of this is converted into rejected heat. Airedale provides a flexible, high efficiency range of cooling solutions which optimises the performance of the equipment, as well as managing the environmental impact of the data centre.

Room, rack & row cooling

Airedale provides one of the most complete ranges of IT cooling products on the market, from the smallest server room to the largest data hall, we deliver the kind of tailored data cooling solutions you need with a service that is second to none. IT cooling applications are covered by room, rack and row cooling. Precision Air Conditioning units from 6-233kW, medium and high density rack cooling solutions from 2-67kW. So whether you require low, medium or high density cooling, we’ve got a system which will exceed your requirements; in a wide range of configurations.

Data Centre Cooling Systems

IT cooling for a greener data hall

Many servers racks are under-utilised and thermal loads can fluctuate daily. Airedale data cooling systems, led by dynamic controls, significantly reduce cost of ownership and carbon footprint through intuitive, modulated cooling. They work efficiently at part load and eliminate the risk of wasted power consumption. The cooling systems constantly monitor varying load conditions and adapt to anticipated or unexpected load requirements to maintain setpoint.

Reducing PUE

Airedale data cooling systems have a direct, positive impact on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). An indicator of the efficiency of power use in the data centre, the closer the PUE is to 1, the more of the available power can be used by the IT equipment.

Airedale provides a complete range of data centre cooling products

Growing with your facility

Our systems give you the confidence to move from low to medium to high density data cooling as you populate and grow your data centre – from small rooms with DX indoor units linked with condensers outside to larger rooms benefitting from the better heat transfer of chilled water coupled with a free-cooling chiller.

Integration: Over 50% energy saving

Designed to be stand-alone, together our units are even more efficient, sharing intelligence. Indoor units can be integrated with a free cooling chiller which reduces total lifecycle costs by typically saving more than 50% of the energy consumed by a conventional chiller (London, UK).

24/7 guaranteed uptime

Resilience is designed into our data centre cooling systems to give you complete confidence that your data centre is never put at risk and to help you achieve data centre tier classification. Features include dual cool, N+1 fans, pressure differential management and automatic transfer switch maintain optimum performance and avoiding costly downtime.

Downloads & case studies

Download a data centre cooling brochure here

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