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Process Cooling

Process cooling systems

As the number one UK chiller manufacturer and specialist in free-cooling solutions, our chiller range is ideal for your process cooling and industrial air conditioning requirements.  Airedale are specialists in designing equipment suitable for a variety of atmospheric conditions, with extensive experience globally of managing extreme ambients and varying conditions in a wide range of industrial sectors from food to petrochemicals.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver high quality and innovative solutions which are designed to exceed expectations.  Our comprehensive product range enables our Engineers to propose the correct system for your application, our products can be tailored to meet exact requirements and are supported by comprehensive aftersales support and next day delivery of spares.

Diverse range of process and industrial cooling

Diverse range of process & industrial cooling

Airedale Air Conditioning offer a variety of chiller solutions, suitable for many air conditioning applications including process cooling, data centre cooling and comfort cooling.

Chillers cover a diverse range of capacities, refrigerants (R410A, R407C, R134A), air cooled, water cooled and free cooling options, as well as compressor types, fan options, sound levels and efficiency configurations. This provides complete flexibility for your air conditioning application needs.  

Precision cooling

Airedale products can be integrated with smart air conditioning controls logic to make one intuitive operating system and exact control over chiller operation and temperature control.

Controls solutions, including chiller sequence management are offered with simplistic, user-friendly controls allowing you to seamlessly manage your chiller system. Compressor selections and a choice of one, two or three refrigeration circuits provide multiple stages of cooling for precise capacity match and reduced operating costs. 

Reduced operating costs & carbon footprint

process cooling and industrial air conditioning

Whatever your application requirements, Airedale provides highly reliable industrial cooling solutions. Throughout the range, our chillers significantly reduce running costs and carbon footprint. Energy efficiency is optimised using inverter control, free cooling and heat recovery to minimise carbon footprint.

Free cooling chillers within our range can spend up to 95% of the year in free cooling. During mechanical cooling, our chillers have excellent part load efficiencies, ensuring no power wastage. Typically in cooling applications, load conditions dictate that a chiller only operates at full load for 3% of the year. 

Free cooling chillers

Free cooling saves vast amounts of energy, particularly when room temperatures are high. For free cooling to operate, the temperature difference between the ambient air and hot return water can be as little as 1°C.

System controls constantly monitor the temperature differences and will only switch on the mechanically-driven compressor when extra cooling is needed, introducing concurrent free cooling – a mixture of free cooling and/or mechanical cooling. Concurrent free cooling enables free cooling to be captured whenever the ambient is below the return water temperature.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme & BREEAM

Many chillers within the Airedale range are included on the Energy Technology List, offering the potential for investors to claim 100% first-year capital allowance. For details see Various chiller models can also contribute towards BREEAM points by reducing the level of refrigerant in our systems and leak detection. BREEAM aims to reduce life cycle impacts on new buildings on the environment by awarding points.

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