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Employee Profile: Laboratory Engineer, Ioannis Kontos

Employee Profile: Laboratory Engineer, Ioannis Kontos

Date: 14th February 2018  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Blog

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, 13/02/2018

We asked one of Airedale's Leeds-based Laboratory Engineers, a few questions to learn more about him.

1. Please introduce yourself.
I am Yannis, 38 and live in Leeds.

2. What is your role at Airedale, and what excites you about it?
I work as a Laboratory Engineer within the R&D team. It’s an interesting role because it combines theory with practice. It involves preparation of the test chamber for various units from one point, but also analysis of results and composition of reports.

I find working in a factory motivating as it is a very lively environment and I get the chance to interact with people with a variety of expertise. Furthermore, it is nice to have product design, prototype testing and manufacturing housed under one roof.

3. Do you have a particular area of specialisation within your chosen field?
I work mostly for chiller testing.

4. Why did you choose a career in Engineering?
I started having an interest in maths and physics since I was about 16. Moreover, I was intrigued by any type of machinery and wanted to find out how it worked. In this sense, I felt engineering would fulfil my curiosity to learn.

5. What did you study at university/ college and how has your previous experience lead you to your current role?
My recent degree is in Mechanical Engineering. I have previously worked as an Assistant Production Manager in a factory, so it was an area I was eager to return to.

6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like going out, walking and playing basketball, although I haven’t played for quite a while, now that I wear glasses.

7. Do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you are passionate about?
I have had an interest in cars, motorbikes and generally anything that has wheels since a very young age. I like to keep up with modern trends and advances in the automotive industry.

In addition to this, I enjoy making scale models to satisfy my need to create something using bare hands. I also like searching and discovering new music and old films.

8. Favourite country visited on holiday and why?
I would say Greece (although I do come from Greece). It combines beautiful mountain scenery and crystal clear sea within close proximity. And no sharks!

9. If you could take an inanimate object onto a desert island with you, what would it be and why?
Tan lotion so I can have the tan I always dreamed of!

10. What is the music track of your life, and what does it make you think of when you hear it?
That’s the hardest question. One I can think of is from Arctic Monkeys, “I bet you look good on the dancefloor”. It just makes you want to dance!

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