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Working towards a greener future

Airedale are committed to developing environmentally compliant products without compromising on performance.

Following the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulations, HFCs with a high global warming potential (GWP) will gradually be phased down or banned, meaning that low-GWP refrigerants are needed for the next generation of equipment. Manufacturers have responded to these changes in legislation by introducing new products with lower GWP refrigerants such as R32, working hard to ensure that performance for users remains high whilst simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

Suitable for use across a broad range of products, R32 has clear financial and environmental benefits. Airedale supports R32 as the safe choice of refrigerant, so we’re developing the Azure R32 range of adapted products for optimal performance in our customer’s applications.

R32 has zero impact on the ozone layer and a significantly lower impact on global warming than previous refrigerants.

Why R32?

• A low GWP (675)
• Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP)
• Ideal for the next generation of equipment
• Higher efficiency and longer pipe runs
• F-Gas phasedown compliant
• Requires less refrigerant volume per kW
• It is rated as A2L – there is a low risk of accidents due to toxicity (A), and low risk of flammability (2L)
• Readily available to meet global demand
• More affordable and available, whilst prices are increasing for R410A
• Smaller charges result in heat exchangers and other components being more compact
• Environmental benefits such as zero ozone depletion potential and being easy to reuse and recycle, resulting in a lower carbon footprint

In comparison to R410A

• R32 reduces charging volume by 30% compared to R410A
• R32 has higher efficiency (10% compared to R410A) => Higher COP and EER
• R32 delivers better performance at extreme outdoor temperature
• New Refrigerant  has a GWP of 675 compared with R410A’s GWP of 2,088
• Superior energy efficiency resulting in a lower refrigerant charge

With both a low GWP and zero ODP, R32 has a lower impact on the
environment in an unlikely release scenario.

Products in the Azure R32 Range

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  • Ultima™ R32

    Ultima™ R32

    A high efficiency, compact, low noise, air-cooled R32 chiller

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  • DeltaChill™ R32

    DeltaChill™ R32

    Energy efficient air cooled R32 scroll chiller offering free cool and wide span of cooling capacities

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