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Quality & Innovation

Products and services that are 'Engineered to Perform'

Quality and innovation is prioritised during all stages of design, production and aftersales support ensuring system performance is guaranteed.

Efficient, lean production techniques remove wastage and continually improve the air conditioning products and services we launch. By combining the use of industry best practice and a forward-thinking approach, we are able to offer a more flexible solution to customers.

The majority of Airedale's solutions are also fully customisable, meaning that your Airedale cooling system will be specifically tailored to your site and your business' individual requirements.

For us, manufacturing quality and innovative products relies on outstanding design. From creating the right training courses, to using state-of-the-art techniques to develop our air conditioning systems; we believe that quality is led by design and here at Airedale we deliver all this; under one roof.

We are driven by innovation, striving to be first to market with technologies our customers want, having world class facilities and maximising the potential of our supplier’s products. The result of this is an ability to provide complete cooling solutions to our customers.

Quality and innovation is prioritised during all stages of design, production and aftersales support

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement projects shape the future success of our quality and efficiency strategy. Quality and innovation is at the heart of all activities at Airedale today.

Techniques used at Airedale

Airedale staff are trained and practice the following continuous improvement techniques:

  • Six Sigma
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Root cause problem solving

Who's involved in the scheme?

Airedale Air Conditioning aims to involve all employees in one or more of the continuous improvement activities. Everyone has the opportunity to make decisions that affect their work, money, training, education, and development. Quality, innovation and continuous improvement strategies are employed in all business areas by everyone.

Airedale employees are encouraged to contribute to the decision making progress and as such are informed about company goals, objectives and activities. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, both to produce a good quality air conditioning product today and improve our products and services for tomorrow.

How Airedale meets its customers' needs


  • Ensure that all employees adopt a total customer focussed attitude
  • Ensure that the needs of our customers dictate our business development
  • Encourage employees to constantly improve their performance
  • Ensure all our suppliers are driven by our customers' needs

Airedale quality & innovation policy

Download Airedale Air Conditioning’s quality and innovation policy