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Research & Development

Airedale Air Conditioning invests heavily in research and development

Cutting-edge cooling systems

Airedale Air Conditioning invests heavily in research and development to deliver continuously improving, cutting-edge cooling systems.

Airedale is renowned for its pioneering approach to air conditioning product development, each system is designed and developed with skill and care to maximise energy efficiency and optimise operational performance.

We manufacture a range of integrated air conditioning systems with unrivalled quality and versatility. We use only the latest components from global leaders within their field such as Bitzer, Carel, Copeland, Danfoss, EBM-Papst, Ziehl-Abegg et al, We then apply each of these components to maximise the benefits and optimise the system performance, strengthening our position as at the forefront of energy efficiency and innovation. For us quality products rely on outstanding design. We use state-of-the-art techniques and development programmes to continuously improve products; we believe that quality is led by design and can only be achieved with large investment in R&D.

Committed R&D – Next generation AC technology

Airedale strives to deliver flexible, quality products and services that are stringently tested to air conditioning industry standards, innovatively designed and engineered by professionals.

From our UK centre of excellence for air conditioning and research, 250 specialist engineers ensure each and every product is designed to challenge and advance previous generation technology. 

Design is critical to everything we do; our engineers strive to develop products that continuously reduce environmental impact; a culture that is embedded in all of our processes and air conditioning systems. ‘Green’ issues such as carbon reduction technology and leak detection now play a major role in all Airedale research and development programmes.

Airedale products are assembled using the very best materials and most efficient components available, and are extensively tested before despatch.

Technology is at the heart of every product we produce. We utilise next generation design and manufacturing techniques to drive quality and flexibility.  Efficient lean production techniques remove wastage and continually improve the products and services we launch.

By combining the use of industry best practice and a forward-thinking approach, we are able to offer more flexible cooling solutions to customers.

Innovative research and development

Innovative product development is key to Airedale’s success, setting air conditioning industry standards and giving Airedale the edge when it comes to manufacturing expertise and addressing industry, economic and environmental challenges.

Airedale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services

Airedale offers a comprehensive range of CFD services from its UK based Head Office in Leeds. CFD is a computational technology that uses numerical methods to solve and analyse the problems that involve fluid flows and thermal issues.

We use CFD simulations while designing our integrated, efficient cooling solutions. CFD allows us to completely understand airflow and temperature distribution, allowing us to design optimised and efficient cooling systems. We also use CFD techniques for customer specific applications of heating, cooling or ventilation systems used across data centre, process and retail environments.

CFD helps to:

  • visualise the distribution of temperature and airflow to gain an in depth understanding of the thermal behaviour within your environment
  • visualise temperature, airflow and pressure distribution within a facility
  • increase overall efficiency of a facility
  • reduce the operational cost of any data centre
  • optimise the floor space for a cooling unit
  • improve equipment reliability and maximise facility uptime
  • validate the effectiveness of the cooling system before investing in future upgrades
  • understand redundancy and failure scenarios.

For more information please visit CFD Analysis.

Production / R&D process