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Environmental Chamber 3 - up to 250kW

Indoor environmental air conditioning test facility

Indoor environmental test facility designed to measure a wide range of data including air flow, temperature, pressure and water flow


  • Total floor area 95m²
  • Maximum test capacity 250kW
  • Air temperature range from -10ºC to +50ºC
  • Maximum air volume flow rate 16m3/s
  • Maximum water flow up to 30 litres per second (Evaporator Circuit)
  • Electrical supply voltage range - Stabilised 200-600V
  • Electrical supply frequency - 50-60Hz
  • Data acquisition connections to measure temperature, pressure and water flow

Typical products tested:

  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Indoor split systems
  • Small roof mounted units
  • DX or chilled water units
  • LPHW, electric or reverse heat pump testing

A world class facility

The Airedale test centre is a world-class test facility and the Modine global centre of excellence for air conditioning. It represents a significant investment from Airedale and provides a state of the art facility, the only purpose-built test centre of its kind in the UK and one of the finest such facilities in the world. From a development perspective it allows all product lines to be performance tested giving our customers the reassurance that we provide accurate data that they can trust, this robust testing can also be done as a witness test providing real added value to our customers. 

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