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F Gas Regulations

F Gas Regulations 2015

The F Gas regulations came into effect on 1st January 2015. Under the regulations, R22 cannot be replaced in any refrigeration system within the UK.

For further information on the changing F Gas regulations download our guide:

Download our guide to F Gas Regulations 2015

Be compliant and save energy

Ensuring that your air conditioning and refrigeration plant is leak tight is mandatory under F Gas legislation. Regulations aside, a leaking system is inefficient and even a small loss of refrigerant can significantly reduce the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of your equipment.  A by-product of being F Gas compliant means that you can reduce your whole life costs. 

Take steps to ensure...

  • ACR equipment you own is leak tight
  • Regular leak inspections are carried out
  • Leaks are repaired immediately
  • A follow-up inspection is carried out one month after repairs
  • Installation and service personnel are properly certified
  • Proper records track refrigerant from design to disposal

Don’t ignore...

  • A leaking system is inefficient
  • A 10% loss of gas increases energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Regular, planned maintenance reduces running costs
  • Invest in products that are designed to be leak-free (Airedale systems are rigorously leak-tested throughout manufacture and are the result of Airedale’s best practice based on 30 years’ experience in the HVAC industry)

Service and maintenance

An Airedale service and maintenance contract will ensure you’re compliant and will provide you with regular, planned maintenance to improve the performance and efficiency of your equipment.  Our industry trained engineers are experts in handling, not only Airedale products, but other manufacturers’ equipment too.

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F Gas Training

Airedale's F Gas Category 1-4 training course is aimed at providing an understanding of how to work with and handle fluoro-carbon refrigerants as required by the EU F-Gas regulations. This includes legislation, ozone depletion and global warming caused by release of harmful substances.

Successful completion of the course provides students with mandatory F-Gas certification for a period of five years as outlined in EU Regulation 842/2006 after which a short refresher is required to update holders on changes to the regulations. This allows successful candidates to work on equipment of any size and type containing fluorinated refrigerants.  

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