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Integrated, Intelligent Controls

Helix is a controls platform developed in house by a team of dedicated controls engineers. Helix represents the bonding of hardware, software and innovation provided as standard within every Airedale product.

Accurate, efficient and safe, Helix is tested and qualified in Airedale’s state of the art research and development laboratory.

Helix is a controls philosophy fully developed in-house, and tailored to Airedale’s catalogue products.

Every Airedale product is automated by Helix, combining the most appropriate hardware and software to provide efficient and effective control. Within our software solutions we’ve developed innovations to optimise our products, innovations patented by our patent office in the USA. These software features include optimising efficiency, self-diagnostics of faults and compliance with standards and directives; including Ecodesign.

The Helix team are focussed on pioneering new technologies and keeping our embedded controls systems ahead of the curve. From being early adopters of new controls hardware and testing new control philosophies, to developing innovative and modern user interfaces to keep Airedale products relevant in a fast paced digital age.

The Helix platform is self-contained, but is designed to facilitate connectivity of multiple units, to our proprietary supervisory system ACIS and to other third party BMS systems.

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