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Condensers & Condensing Units

A comprehensive range of air cooled AC condensers and condensing units enables customers to purchase a complete solution for a wide number of split system applications.

Air conditioning condenser

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  • BluCube™


    R410A condensing unit with heat pump variant provides heating & cooling for industry standard AHUs

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  • Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers

    Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers
    12-165kW (R410A) 12-195kW (R410A) 11-105kW (R407C)

    R410A & R407C condensers & dry coolers

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  • Condensing Units (CU)

    Condensing Units (CU)
    3kW - 50kW

    R407C range of 20 air cooled condensing units & heat pumps with small footprint

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  • Ultima™ Compact Condensing Unit

    Ultima™ Compact Condensing Unit
    30kW - 150kW

    The Ultima Compact Condenser is a high efficiency, compact, air-cooled R407C or R410A condensing unit

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  • ECO™ Dry Coolers

    ECO™ Dry Coolers

    With an extensive cooling capacity of up to 1,882kW our Dry Cooler range has been engineered to increase efficiency and deliver improved performance.

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Commercial refrigeration – Condensers & Condensing Units

Airedale offers a sizable range of highly energy efficient, fully packaged, low noise level units for all of your commercial air conditioning requirements. The range itself covers cooling parameters of 3kW - 450kW and is available in R410A and R407C refrigerant options.

Our systems benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiencies and low environmental impact. Combining the latest technologies of EC fans and remote electronic expansion valves, efficiencies are dramatically increased. Designed with space claim and performance at their heart, an air conditioning condenser and condensing unit can be installed with minimal space claim and are low in weight.

Our condensers and condensing unit range range is also neighbourhood friendly. High sound insulation ensures that operating conditions are maintained without disturbing surrounding areas.