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Condensers & Condensing Units

Air cooled | DX | R410A


  • Air cooled
  • HFC R410A
  • Scroll Compressor
  • EC Fan
  • Digital Compressor
  • Heat Pump

A high efficiency R410A condensing unit with heat pump variant provides heating and cooling for industry standard air handling units across a wide range of ambients in split system applications. Energy saving options includes EC fans, variable capacity control and modulating head pressure control. The BluCube™ is optimised to operate with the Remote Electronic Expansion Valve (REEV) which offers up to 30% increase in efficiency.

Versatility of heat pump or cooling-only

The BluCube™ range offers the choice of a heat pump unit, ideal for a wide range of comfort applications, or as a cooling-only system which can be matched with selected manufacturers’ CRAC units in a data centre cooling application. The cooling-only option offers a favourable cost advantage and is included on the Energy Technology List (ETL), thereby qualifying for the Carbon Trust ECA scheme.

Minimal space claim

Benefiting from an extremely compact and modular design, the BluCube™ will fit into a standard lift and ensures minimal space claim on rooftops and in plant rooms. As a two pipe system, the BluCube offers reduced installation costs and less brazing on site.

Units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign

  • Choice of heat pump (14 – 42kW) or cooling only (13 – 48kW)
  • Up to 30% increase in system efficiency with remote electronic expansion valve (REEV); standard with digital scroll compressor, an option on fixed capacity models
  • 44% more cooling per m² average compared with a conventional CU system
  • Scroll compressors with optional variable capacity offering 16 – 100% modulation for precise cooling/heating; reduced power consumption and lower operating costs
  • AC axial fans with optional EC fan technology for more efficiency at part load
  • R410A designed and optimised
  • Modulating head pressure control for increased efficiency
  • Intelligent microprocessor control and ACIS BMS for optimisation and reliability


  • ETL listed: Energy Technology List (cooling only models)
  • Integrates with industry standard air handling units
  • 2 case sizes; 24 models
  • Operating envelope -20°C to +25°C in heating or -20°C to +48°C in cooling
  • Two pipe system reducing installation time and cost
  • Digital scroll compressor for 16 - 100% variable capacity (model dependent)
  • Modulating head pressure control for increased efficiency
  • Short-cased axial fan to overcome external static pressure when ductwork is required
  • Fits into a standard lift facilitating easy installation


  • Compressor attenuation reducing compressor sound by up to 12dBA
  • Integrated condensate drip tray (heat pump models)

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