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BIM files

Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses computer technology to bring together all the components involved in the design and creation of buildings.

BIM creates a 3D model of a construction project generating a level of detail that allows everyone involved in a project to view and discuss potential problems – and, if necessary, alter designs – before the construction phase begins. This helps to avoid errors on site, simplify construction and save time and money.

It enables a more efficient method of working on construction projects from start to finish, reducing procurement, process and material waste throughout the supply chain.

Watch this video from Majenta Solutions for an overview of BIM.

Airedale’s BIM files below include detailed technical information useful for engineers, as well as accurate 3D geometric objects of our product range. Structured data is also included on operations and maintenance, and the unit’s energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. The BIM Revit (.rfa) models also contain links to reference information for the products.

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BIM Object tutorial video



Download BIM files

Artus BIM object SmartCool BIM Object

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