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Water Cooled | R134a | R1234ze

TurboChill™ Water Cooled150kW - 1472kW, 200kW - 2000kW

  • Water Cooled
  • Centrifugal Compressor
  • HFC R134A
  • HFO R1234ze

The TurboChill™ Water Cooled is a high capacity, water-cooled, single circuit AC chiller, which offers exceptional ESEER values of up to 9.28.

With 3 module variants, including the R1234ze TG310 range which has been specifically developed for use with the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R1234ze, the TurboChill™ Water Cooled Air Conditioning Chiller utilises the latest compressor engineering and benefits from revolutionary new compact evaporator and condenser heat exchanger technology.

  • 3 module variants (R134a TT300 & TT350, R1234ze TG310)
  • 368kW – maximum capacity per module
  • Scalable modular design - enables easy augmentation and reduces space claim
  • 1 compact case size – 2000mm (H) x 1000m (W) x 1956mm (L)
  • Extremely silent operation. 2 sound variants; regular quiet (R) and extra quiet (X)
Units within this range are Ecodesign compliant for both process (SEPR) and comfort cooling (SSCEE) applications. Please refer to the technical manual, website, or your Airedale account manager for full details

Class A EER up to 5.9, ESEER upto 9.28

  • Centrifugal TurboCor compressors - 30-100% variable speed control for tighter setpoint management and unbeatable efficiencies at part load
  • Compact footprint: Up to 111% more cooling kW/m2 (compared with leading competitor units)
  • Electronic Expansion Valves increase ESEER by 30% and guarantee ideal evaporator operation
  • In-built low current start (2A)
  • Oil-free operation enhances heat exchanger efficiency
  • Ultra-efficient sequencer – integrates up to eight modules into a single, seamless operating system.
  • Compact and efficient heat exchanger technology - 56% reduction in kg of refrigerant compared to a standard flooded evaporator system
  • Acoustically lined compressor enclosures minimising sound emission


  • 3 module variants (R134a TT300 & TT350, R1234ze TG310)
  • Centrifugal compressor technology offers near silent compressor operation
  • Advanced controls technology to manage and optimise performance
  • PGD1 display
  • Compact spray type evaporator with integral subcooler
  • Easy access to components for maintenance and only 1000mm wide
  • Condenser can be isolated, facilitating maintenance
  • 400V/50Hz/3 phase supply
  • Grooved pipework for simpler installation
  • Accessible control panel, even when the unit is operational
  • Single point of isolation for ease of maintenance
  • Leak detection as standard for F Gas compliance


  • Anti-vibration mounts reduce sound levels transmitted to building
  • Economiser circuit for increased capacity and efficiency
  • Suction shut off valve allowing each compressor to be individually isolated
  • Optimised leak detection
  • Flow switch for flow rate detection
  • Interface cards
  • Power monitoring to manage energy consumption
  • 7” PGD touch screen display

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