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Comfort Cooling

Our comfort cooling air conditioning products offer a wide choice of capacities and unit types to meet the needs of virtually any retail, commercial, health and leisure environment. Each solution is flexible and adaptable creating reduced running costs and high level efficiency.

Commercial air conditioning

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  • Artus™ Hybrid Fan Coil

    Artus™ Hybrid Fan Coil
    1.9kW - 2.8kW

    Artus™ is a revolutionary, hybrid comfort cooling system, designed to save energy, money and space

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  • Chilled Water Cassette

    Chilled Water Cassette
    2kW - 12kW

    Neat, compact unit; smart and unobtrusive, combining flexibility and quality with quiet operation and effective control

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Airedale integrated commercial air conditioning and retail air conditioning systems provide the most energy efficient solutions to meet your needs, reducing running costs and your carbon footprint. Our range of integrated comfort AC cooling solutions and smart air conditioning controls logic cover cooling, heating and ventilation of retail, commercial, sport and leisure environments ensuring a comfortable, consistent ambient temperature with a constant flow of fresh air and balanced humidity.

Each of our retail air conditioning solutions is highly versatile and significantly cuts energy consumption, delivering excellent payback. Our systems have enabled Iceland Frozen Foods to realise savings of £1.5m to date across 75% of stores where our systems have been implemented. The typical payback is between six and nine months per store, making the solution extremely attractive. Maximising space is key to any retail and commercial application. Airedale Chilled Water Cassettes are concealed reducing space claim and offering an aesthetically pleasing solution. Outdoor units are low noise and have compact footprints, making them ideal for built up, densely populated areas.