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Data Centres

From small computer rooms to futureproof solutions across multiple data centres Airedale’s flexible, high efficiency data center cooling solutions work smarter not harder to give you more cooling for less power and ensure a stable environment and availability 24/7.

Data Centre Cooling

Data Centre Cooling / IT Cooling – High Efficiency, Maximum Availability

Data centres are dedicated facilities which support business critical IT servers. Tightly packed server racks are generating exponentially more computer power and most of this is converted into rejected heat. Airedale provides a flexible, high efficiency range of data centre cooling solutions which optimises the performance of the equipment, as well as managing the environmental impact of the data centre.

Airedale provides one of the most complete ranges of data centre cooling products on the market, from the smallest server room to the largest data centre, we deliver the kind of tailored data centre cooling solutions you need with a service that is second to none. IT cooling applications are covered by room, rack and row cooling. PAC units from 6-233kW, medium and high density rack cooling solutions from 10 – 60kW. So whether you require low, medium or high density cooling, we’ve got a system which will exceed your requirements; in a wide range of configurations.