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We can help you select the optimum specification tailored to your application and provide the support which will enable you to manage your cooling system for best performance, maximum
longevity and lower operating costs.

Chillers Air Conditioning

Process Cooling Air Conditioning

As the number one UK air conditioning chiller manufacturer and specialist in free-cooling solutions, our chiller range is ideal for your process cooling and industrial air conditioning requirements. Airedale are specialists in designing equipment suitable for a variety of atmospheric conditions, with extensive experience globally of managing extreme ambients and varying conditions in a wide range of industrial sectors from food to petrochemicals.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver high quality and innovative solutions which are designed to exceed expectations. Our comprehensive product range enables our Engineers to propose the correct system for your process cooling application, our products can be tailored to meet exact requirements and are supported by comprehensive aftersales support and next day delivery of spares.