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The Airedale Air Conditioning Product Configurator enables online configuration of products, helping you access the right system to meet your needs. A detailed, quick reference comparison matrix can be accessed for up to three products by selecting 'Mark for comparison'; this is easily printable for your reference.

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  • Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers

    Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers
    12-165kW (R410A) 12-195kW (R410A) 11-105kW (R407C)

    R410A & R407C condensers & dry coolers

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  • AireTile™

    0.74 - 1.2 (m³/s)

    Dynamic fan floor tile which boosts cooling efficiency via active air distribution. Eliminates hotspots; cool air directly targets heat load at source.

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  • AireWall™ Fan Wall

    AireWall™ Fan Wall

    AireWall™ is a new low energy, high density cooling solution for mission-critical environments.

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  • Artus™ Hybrid Fan Coil

    Artus™ Hybrid Fan Coil
    1.9kW - 2.8kW

    Artus™ is a revolutionary, hybrid comfort cooling system, designed to save energy, money and space

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  • BluCube™


    R410A condensing unit with heat pump variant provides heating & cooling for industry standard AHUs

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  • Chilled Water Cassette

    Chilled Water Cassette
    2kW - 12kW

    Neat, compact unit; smart and unobtrusive, combining flexibility and quality with quiet operation and effective control

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  • Condensing Units (CU)

    Condensing Units (CU)
    3kW - 50kW

    R407C range of 20 air cooled condensing units & heat pumps with small footprint

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  • DeltaChill™ & DeltaChill™ FreeCool

    DeltaChill™ & DeltaChill™ FreeCool
    110kW - 1010kW

    Energy efficient air cooled R410A scroll chiller offering free cool and wide span of cooling capacities

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  • DeltaChill™ R32

    DeltaChill™ R32

    Energy efficient air cooled R32 scroll chiller offering free cool and wide span of cooling capacities

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  • ECO™ Dry Coolers

    ECO™ Dry Coolers

    With an extensive cooling capacity of up to 1,882kW our Dry Cooler range has been engineered to increase efficiency and deliver improved performance.

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  • EasiCool™


    Excellent value, modular package; ideal for small computer rooms & critical applications. 374 models in DX & Chilled Water

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  • EcoChill Air Cooled

    EcoChill Air Cooled

    An energy efficient, R410A optimised compact air cooled chiller with heat pump.

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  • Ecotel™ DX

    Ecotel™ DX

    The Ecotel™ is a self-contained, outdoor telecoms close control cabin cooler developed to cool outdoor telecommunication cabins

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  • Ecotel™ Free Cool

    Ecotel™ Free Cool

    Versatile outdoor free cooling telecoms cabin cooler

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  • InRak™

    10kW – 67kW

    High performance in row IT cooling solution which provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint from 10kW – 67kW with an EER up to 108.03

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  • InRak™ 300mm

    InRak™ 300mm
    8kW - 36kW

    Precise and high performance 300mm in-row cooling solution which offers industry leading server rack cooling efficiency for its capacity.

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  • LogiCool™ FreeCool

    LogiCool™ FreeCool
    20kW / 40kW

    Packaged, outdoor free cooling chiller. An expandable, energy efficient solution for cooling high density servers

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  • OnRak™

    3kW – 35kW

    The OnRak™ server rack air conditioner is a resilient rear door heat exchanger, designed to manage high discharge temperatures

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  • OptiChill™ FreeCool

    OptiChill™ FreeCool
    500kW - 1365kW

    Large capacity, R134a air-cooled screw chiller that meets diverse cooling loads with flexible, quiet cooling

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  • SmartCool™


    High efficiency unit providing precise, reliable climate control. 150 downflow models, 8 system types, in 10 case sizes

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  • SmartCool™ Inverter Compressor

    SmartCool™ Inverter Compressor

    Versatile, inverter compressor technology enabling exact control & superior efficiency

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  • TurboChill™ & TurboChill™ FreeCool

    TurboChill™ & TurboChill™ FreeCool
    200kW - 1830kW

    Air cooled R134a / R1234ze high efficiency, high capacity chiller with Turbocor compressor

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  • TurboChill™ Water Cooled

    TurboChill™ Water Cooled
    150kW - 1472kW, 200kW - 2000kW

    High capacity, water-cooled, R134a / R1234ze single circuit Turbocor chiller with ESEER values of up to 9.28

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  • TurboChill™ and TurboChill™ FreeCool Spray Evaporator

    TurboChill™ and TurboChill™ FreeCool Spray Evaporator

    Air cooled R513a / R1234ze high capacity chiller with Turbocor compressor and spray evaporator

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  • Ultima™ Compact & Ultima™ Compact FreeCool

    Ultima™ Compact & Ultima™ Compact FreeCool
    30kW - 450kW

    A high efficiency, air-cooled R410A / R407C chiller delivering exceptional performance

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  • Ultima™ Compact Condensing Unit

    Ultima™ Compact Condensing Unit
    30kW - 150kW

    The Ultima Compact Condenser is a high efficiency, compact, air-cooled R407C or R410A condensing unit

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  • Ultima™ R32

    Ultima™ R32

    A high efficiency, compact, low noise, air-cooled R32 chiller

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  • Ultima™ Remote Air Cooled

    Ultima™ Remote Air Cooled
    75kW - 450kW

    R407C water or air cooled chiller designed for plant room applications with high energy efficiency

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  • Ultima™ Water Cooled

    Ultima™ Water Cooled
    75kW - 450kW

    R407C water or air cooled chiller designed for plant room applications with high energy efficiency & low sound levels

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Showing results 1 - 29 of 29