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Product applications

Five product ranges supported by an extensive number of models and exceptional confi guration fl exibility means that when selecting an Airedale system, your choice of variants is considerable, enabling you to precisely match your application. Our breadth of expertise enables us to engineer innovative, integrated cooling solutions across commercial and public sectors in data centres and other critical environments; industrial process cooling or comfort cooling in retail, leisure and office applications.

  • Data Centres

    Creating high availability, energy efficient data centre environments with highly innovative room, rack & row cooling for low, medium or high densities

  • Process

    As the number one UK air conditioning chiller manufacturer & specialist in free cooling solutions, our products are ideal for process cooling applications

  • Retail

    We provide a range of integrated retail air conditioning solutions creating the ideal retail environment & optimising energy efficiency

  • Telecoms

    Our range of self-contained telecoms cooling units are expertly designed for the thermal management of telecommunications cabinets and rail switching stations

  • Healthcare

    With a complete range of systems for ventilation and cooling from 6kW to 2MW, we can provide a perfect indoor climate for your critical healthcare facility