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Airedale has extensive experience working with retailers to deliver DX and Chilled Water Solutions, from small retail units to large out of town retail stores. Airedale can provide an integrated solution designed to maximise efficiency and performance across the whole life of the product. From system upgrades to improved control operation, Airedale has a solution to reduce operational costs

Comfort Cooling

Retail Air Conditioning / Shop Air Conditioning

We provide a range of integrated retail air conditioning solutions creating the ideal retail environment for your customers in store; welcoming and perfectly comfortable. We have worked on sizable retail applications throughout the UK and worldwide. Our integrated retail applications cover heating, ventilation and a full range of shop air conditioning. Each system comes complete with intuitive air conditioning controls, maximising efficiency and minimising environmental impact and operational costs.

We have installations and air conditioning controls strategies throughout some of the world’s largest retailers. These guarantee uptime, maximise efficiency and reduce running costs with a range of comfort cooling, condensers and condensing units. Regardless of requirements and ambient temperatures, Airedale comfort cooling provides precision cooling and an environment without temperature fluctuation. Air volumes can be customised for building size to meet the exact demands of each commercial application.