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Contingency Planning for Fast Recovery

Power and temperature control disaster recovery

All businesses are vulnerable to unforeseen incidents that can stop or impair normal operations.

For total piece of mind we offer a contingency plan package that encompasses initial survey, identifies suitable equipment with detailed site specific instructions, and is delivered with a guaranteed response time nationwide.

Power and HVAC contingency planning

Contingency Planning to ensure smooth recovery in emergencies

Our team will work with you to identify risks, survey your needs and prepare a disaster recovery plan.

As part of your disaster recovery plan, we will conduct a comprehensive site survey including:

• Power and temperature load requirements
• Detailed logistics process and guidelines
• Access to site – routes on site identified (turning circles etc)
• Where the temporary power/cooling is to be sited.
• Cable routes/hoses etc
• Minimise security issues and potential trip hazards
• Identified connection points for power – reduce timescales
• Identify cooling/heating – connection points on existing systems
• Call out sequence -“user friendly guide”
• Risk & Method Statements
• Priority access to a dedicated, ring fenced temporary fleet

Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

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