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Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

We recognise the critical importance of keeping a data centre operationally reliable at all times.

Our expertise providing solutions for data centres and power systems supply means that we have the skills and knowledge to support your systems cooling and load testing projects. This ensures that we can provide a turn-key service at all stages of a data centres life cycle, from initial build and design to commissioning and operation.

    Stress test before installation

    • Tight temperature control (+/- 0.3˚C) where required.
    • Heat exchanger separation to separate design flows.
    • Our experience in this field ensures that testing is carried out efficiently and with
    minimum disruption.Giving you peace of mind that your equipment is running

    Temporary power and loadbanks

    • Verify the performance of generators, PDU’s and UPS units during commissioning and
    on ongoing basis.
    • Accurately simulate the load of your power systems to ensure they can reliably meet
    the power needs of your site.
    • Extensive Fleet of: AC/DC reactive and resistive load banks, LV/HV transformers, and
    Supporting equipment for a wide range of applications.

    Contingency planning

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