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As the world strives towards decarbonization, whilst also coping with an insatiable hunger for electrical power, we need clean, reliable baseload to feed the growing needs of transport, heating, cooling and a connected population.

New nuclear is being embraced in many of the world’s nations and in a post-Fukushima world the industry must prove its safety credentials.  Pressure on developers and supply chain is unparalleled and the UK, given it’s stringent safety regulations, is seen as a proving ground for the new breed of plant. 

HVAC systems provide chilled water to various heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems in a nuclear facility,  including processes directly linked with the reactor island, so their safe and reliable operation is essential to the operation of a nuclear power plant.  


  • Reliability

    Airedale specialise in providing cooling into the world’s most demanding industries; we understand the importance of 24/7/365 uptime. Airedale equipment follows British engineering traditions and is built to last, proven over 5 decades.

  • Support

    Airedale equipment is proudly engineered in Britain. We have a world class manufacturing and R&D facility in Leeds and have service personnel all over the UK.

  • Innovation

    Airedale have a strong focus on R&D, having pioneered many technologies in its 45 year history. We design systems that are tailored to their environment and we have specific designs for the nuclear sector.

Airedale equipment is engineered to perform and is trusted by the most demanding industries in the world.  We understand that nuclear means no compromises…and this ethos has been ingrained in our company culture for 45 years.

Airedale have a strong nuclear pedigree in the UK, having supplied equipment to Sellafield, Urenco and Sizewell B.  Airedale have seismic category 1 certified chillers approved for use by EDF.

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