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Trend IQ204 Controller

Trend IQ204/UNB/24VAC Rationalisation

Recently the Trend portfolio has been reviewed with the addition of new products, whilst also being streamlined with the withdrawal of older product families.

We have taken a final opportunity to buy stock of the Trend IQ204/UNB/24VAC to support our customers. We anticipate a high demand and would like to offer the opportunity to Airedale customers to place critical orders.

Trend have developed a replacement to the IQ204, the Trend IQ4E, but this is NOT a direct replacement, it is anticipated to be a much higher cost and would require additional engineering time for each replacement.

Below is a visual comparison of the replacement Trend IQ4E controller that Airedale will continue to provide for Spare’s replacements. 

Trend IQ204 Controller
IQ204 Controller


The IQ204 Controller has 8 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 voltage analogue outputs. A supervisor, network display panel or GDP+ may be connected via the RS232 or RS485 local port as appropriate, and there is a special connector for an external 2-line display panel. The controller provides full Direct Digital
Control (DDC) with PID loops. The unit is enclosed in a robust metal box.


  • 1 second cycle time and extended logging
  • Full DDC control with PID control loops
  • Stand alone or integrated system operation
  • Communicates to a local supervisor
  • 8 analogue + 8 digital inputs
  • 8 voltage analogue outputs
  • RS232 or RS485 local port
  • Dual strategy non-volatile backup

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